Among 'Arrow''s many adaptations of classic DC villains, few would argue that 'Salem' star Seth Gabel's Count Vertigo analogue "The Count" has proven the most off-target. The character had largely been dealt with by season 2, but it seems Vertigo will once again menace Starling City in season 3, this time courtesy of 'Fargo' and '22 Jump Street' star Peter Stormare!

Via TVGuide, Stormare will take the role of Werner Zytle, another alias of Count Vertigo from the New 52 DC Comics. Where Seth Gabel's version called himself "The Count," Stormare will instead go by "Vertigo" in taking over distribution of his namesake's drug, becoming the first 'Arrow' season 3 villain Oliver faces. Season 2 viewers will recall that Gabel briefly returned as "The Count," only for Oliver to knock him out a window to his death, curiously side-stepping that whole "no killing" rule he'd assigned himself.

Dubbed "Seth" in the original casting call, Stormare marks the first season 3 role confirmed for Oliver Queen's present, as the DC drama most recently added 'Real Steel' star Karl Yune as Oliver's Hong Kong handler, along with 'Sin City' star Devon Aoki as comic character Katana. Still uncast is the role of young tech magnate "Daniel," speculated by many to be that of DC superhero Blue Beetle.

We’ll learn more of ‘Arrow’ season 3 from the massive Comic-Con 2014 panel that also includes spinoff ‘The Flash,’ FOX’s ‘Gotham,’ and NBC’s ‘Constantine,’ but what say you? Does ‘Arrow’ season 3′s new Vertigo have you dizzy with anticipation for new episodes? Tell us what you want to see from ‘Arrow’ season 3 in the comments, and stay tuned for the latest from Comic-Con 2014!

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