Yesterday brought the news that 'Arrow' season 3 had recruited 'Sin City' sword-wielder Devon Aoki as DC comic character Katana, but the third year of Oliver Queen's heroic journey will have plenty more company as we approach Comic-Con 2014. Enter 'Real Steel' star Karl Yune, playing Oliver's Hong Kong handler and a DC character all his own when 'Arrow' season 3 takes aim this fall!

Via TVLine, Yune will take the role of Maseo Yamashiro, husband to Devon Aoki's Tatsu, and a skilled martial artist who acts as Oliver’s handler during flashbacks to his time in Hong Kong. Eventually, the character evolves into "a teacher and a friend who helps Oliver step ever closer to becoming the superhero he is today."

Maseo shares a counterpart in the pages of DC comics as Katana's husband, though relatively little has been fleshed out about the character. The original casting call for cover name "Toshi" described Yune's character as a well-trained operative, skilled in weaponry, combat and intelligence gathering, and also a devoted father and husband. Equally worth noting is that Yune's casting confirms that the names on the original callsheet were smokescreens for the actual characters, which could well mean Ted Kord's Blue Beetle is in our future after all, going by fan speculation.

No doubt we’ll learn and see more of ‘Arrow’ season 3 from the massive Comic-Con 2014 panel that also includes spinoff ‘The Flash,’ FOX’s ‘Gotham,’ and NBC’s ‘Constantine,’ but what say you? Does ‘Arrow' season 3's latest addition have you pumped for the new episodes? Tell us what you want to see from ‘Arrow’ season 3 in the comments, and stay tuned for the latest from Comic-Con 2014!

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