As preparation for playing Steve Jobs, one of the world’s smartest men, Ashton Kutcher bought a black turtleneck and grew muttonchops. OK, Mr. Kutcher, what else have you got for us?

TMZ snapped a handful of photos of Kutcher on set for ‘Jobs,’ Joshua Michael Stern’s biopic of the early days of Apple’s pioneer. (And if the Jobs film falls apart, Kutcher needs to get over to James Mangold’s ‘Wolverine’ set. He’s a shoo-in to play Hugh Jackman’s stunt double with that facial hair.)

This is Kutcher preparing to play Apple founder Steve Jobs for the planned biopic. ‘The Book of Mormon’ standout Josh Gad stars alongside Kutcher as Steve Wozniak, though most are focusing on the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star to see if he can bring any heft to the Jobs role.

Kutcher hasn’t really challenged himself as an actor just yet. His resume is peppered with ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ and ‘Killers.’ Not exactly heavy lifting. But to make ‘Jobs’ works, Kutcher will have to be convincing as the complicated hippie genius who came up with the innovative technologies that most of us use every day. Can he do it?

‘Jobs’ will be in theaters in 2013. These photos are a very early peek. We’ll reserve judgment until there’s a trailer for the drama, which has potential … if Kutcher can deliver on the promise of Jobs’ impressive life.