Following the death of Steve Jobs, there was much mourning and the entire online world joined together for the digital eulogy  to end all digital eulogies. Of course, the moment that was all over, deals were made, hands were shaken and discussions began regarding a film about Jobs' life. And now here we are, with Mr. Jobs cast for his first (and certainly not last) biopic: Ashton Kutcher will don the glasses and the strap on the black turtleneck as the co-founder of Apple in the appropriately titled 'Jobs.'

And, no, Variety swears this isn't an April Fool's joke.

Kutcher may not be the first name you think about when someone brings up Steve Jobs, mainly because most people are only familiar with the well-kept older man who went on stage to showcase iPhones and iPads. They may not have seen him in his younger days, when he was a shaggy, long-haired hippy...albeit, a shaggy, long-haired hippy who helped transform Apple from a garage-based operation into the most powerful and influential technology company on the planet. Truthfully, Kutcher does bear a striking resemblance to the young Steve Jobs and if he can break out of his trademark persona (a persona that gained him fame and fortune on 'That '70s Show' and is currently funding additions to his mansion through his role on 'Two and a Half Men'), who knows? This could be an inspired casting choice.

'Jobs' is one of several Steve Jobs films in the works, the other major contender being a Sony-backed film based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography (last we heard, the studio was seeking Aaron Sorkin to pen the script). 'Jobs' is a smaller indie production and thus can move faster. Unlike the "official" biopic, this film already has a director: Joshua Michael Stern, whose previous directorial efforts include the Kevin Costner comedy 'Swing Vote.' He is currently working on the John Cusack/Johnny Knoxville comedy 'Carnaval.' The screenplay is by newcomer Matt Whiteley.