Reality TV just wouldn't be reality TV with at least one star melting down, throwing a tantrum, or seemingly forsaking the event altogether (hint: they'll be back!)  But last night's three-hour installment of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' saw one contestant flat out bailing, but will he/she return?

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day reached a breaking point during last night's episodes, which saw the contestants both attempting to create a celebrity-styled guidebook of New York City, and crafting a health and segment walking kit.  Though a part of the winning team for her creativity and design of the kit and its slogan, O'Day's heated conflicts with Arsenio Hall saw O'Day flat out walking from the show, last seen headed toward the firing elevator!

Saying "I don't want to be around all the negativity anymore. The environment is so ugly, I just don't know if this is the right place for me," O'Day nonetheless assured viewers via her Twitter that she would indeed be back for next week's challenges.  But where did the singer actually go?  "lol. I went 2 church!"

'The Celebrity Apprentice' was lucky not to have another departure on their hands, after both Debbie Gibson and Dee Snider got the axe from Donald Trump for raising the least money, and Snider implementing poor design on his kit.  Even with his earlier success, Snider failed to convince Trump that Lou Ferrigno should be given his walking papers instead.

Phew!  Controlling though she might have been, it's good to know that Aubrey will definitely return, at least for another week.  So you would you like to see hit the road next?  Let us know who you think the big winner is this season in the comments below!