The 'Automata' trailer previews a film chock-full of familiar concepts: a dystopian future society, robots who develop minds of their own, and a lone hero on the run because he knows too much. Despite all of the familiarity, however, there's a sense of style that makes this sci-fi action movie worth keeping an eye on.

Plus, there's Antonio Banderas! Where the heck did he go? And can he stay this time?

The basic setup for the film is 'Blade Runner' meets 'I, Robot' meets every other science-fiction movie about robots ever made. Set in the year 2044, 'Automata' casts Banderas as an insurance agent for a robotics corporation who discovers that robots have begun "improving" themselves and gaining free will. Naturally, this leads to all kinds of conspiracies and plot twists and grand revelations about the future of life on Earth. Oh, and there are car chases and shootouts and philosophical conversations with machines in the desert.

Although we're not too familiar with the work of director Gabe Ibanez, this film looks striking and slick, more like a big-budget blockbuster than a smaller production. So color us intrigued. We're totally up for a movie where future Antonio Banderas participates/fights a robot uprising.

'Automata' will open in limited release on October 10.

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