There were some interesting X-Men rumors floating around this weekend, one involving Jon Hamm and another involving Jessica Chastain. But before you check the calendar and call BS, don’t worry, these arrived before April Fool’s Day.

On Friday, The Tracking Board (h/t The Playlist) posted a long report about what’s going on with New Mutants and those extensive reshoots. Long story short, rumor has it that while the studio didn’t initially want the film to be too scary, they changed their mind once IT came out and blew the box office away. Now reshoots are being done to add more scares to the first half of the film (with the second half supposedly locked). Scarier sounds great to me, but those changes also mean the loss of one awesome-sounding cameo: Don Draper.

According to the site, Jon Hamm was reportedly set to play Mr. Sinister for a post-credits scene in New Mutants, but now that’s been cut and Antonio Banderas will play a different villain in the tag. In the comics, Mr. Sinister, also known as Nathaniel Essex, was a Victorian-era biologist who was later transformed into an immortal mutant by Apocalypse. He’s also the guy behind Essex Corp., the company that appeared at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, a tease that was supposed to introduce the supervillain in LoganIt looks like the character keeps getting shuffled along from one X-Men project to the next, but Dark Phoenix might be where we finally meet him… or her.

On a recent episode of Popcorn Talk’s Meet the Movie PressJeff Sneider of The Tracking Board revealed another X-Men rumor – remember, rumor. This one suggests Jessica Chastain might be playing a gender-swapped version of the Mr. Sinister character in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Who knows what to believe anymore, especially with both films’ releases pushed yet again last week. But a Chastain X-Men villain? That I’m definitely down for. Dark Phoenix arrives on February 14, 2019, whole The New Mutants (hopefully) hits theaters August 2, 2019.

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