Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, these 'Avengers' themed cocktails will give you the courage, strength, and wit of your favorite superheroes to help you cope with your weird family vacation.

Courtesy of The More I Arty (we see what you did there) Tumblr page, here are nine 'Avengers' cocktails that will make you feel like a superhero. But you won't look like one. No, really. If you drink these, you're probably going to look real foolish because they are loaded with booze.

Most of them don't sound very appetizing, seemingly made up for their aesthetic qualities. The Hulk cocktail, for instance, consists of kiwi, Midori (a melon liqueur), absinthe (it tastes like licorice), and the old bro standard -- Mountain Dew. But hey, at least it looks kind of cool.

The Black Widow, made of Kahlua (coffee liqueur), vodka, and two shots of espresso is essentially just a Black Russian on steroids, sort of like the fancy equivalent to mixing vodka and Red Bull. Most horrific is the Hawkeye, which consists of Strongbow (a hard cider), purple WKD (mixed berry liqueur), and After Shock, a liqueur that comes in a variety of often tart flavors -- we assume this recipe calls for the berry one.

Agent Coulson's cocktail is the most interesting, mixing clear liquors (rum, gin, vodka, Cointreau) with "clear lemonade" (huh?) and Triple Sec to make a drink guaranteed to spur some horrible decisions.

These drinks are designed to look the part, but the booze pairings seem designed to give you liver disease or diabetes, or both. Please, drink responsibly. And by drink responsibly, we mean away from weapons and with a toilet in walking/running distance.