Whether you're four or you're sixty years old, you'll always have a soft spot for LEGOs. They're one of the best toys that mankind has ever created, but what can make LEGOs even more awesome? By making them into 'The Avengers' weapons of course.

Any fan would go giddy if they were able to get their hands on Captain America's shield in LEGO or Thor's  hammer in LEGO. Okay, so creator Ken Robichaud wasn't able to recreate one of Iron Man's outfit pieces into LEGOs, but it's only a matter of time. After all, he managed to even piece together one of Thor's bracelets into a LEGO version.

Even before 'The Avengers' was released worldwide, plenty of fans were already buzzing with excitement over the monstrous superhero crossover film, so much to where they were already doing their own fan art and posting it all online. It's really cool to see how incredibly creative some of 'The Avengers' fans are, and these LEGOs are a prime example of just that.

'The Avengers' is out in theaters now. Check out the pictures of Ken's great work below (courtesy of Comics Alliance).