For A&E's forthcoming 'Psycho' prequel TV series 'Bates Motel,' the biggest news came last week when the network announced that one-time 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' star Freddie Highmore would take the iconic role of a young Norman Bates, alongside Vera Farmiga as the boy's devastating mother.  Now, Carlton Cuse's 'Bates Motel' seems to take things a step further in making a unique contribution to the mythology, providing an elder brother for young psycho Norman!  But who is Dylan Bates, and what actor has been brought in to re-shape the legend?

Norman Bates, meet...Dylan...Bates?  For as many 'Psycho' fans blaspheming A&E for going back to the well to tell the prequel story origin of Norman Bates and his mother Norma in upcoming series 'Bates Motel,' they might have a new rallying cry.  In addition to the casting of young Freddie Highmore as a youthful Norman, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the prequel series will introduce an elder sibling for the young 'Psycho' killer, to be played by actor Max Thierot.

Reportedly, the elder Dylan Bates will be a "petulant and rebellious James Dean-type," which is sure to complicate the  burgeoning psychosis in Norman from his mother's traumatizing behavior.

Developed by ‘LOST’s Carlton Cuse, ‘Bates Motel’ marks Carlton Cuse’s first genre TV project since ‘LOST’ ended in 2010.  ‘Friday Night Lights’ writer Kerry Ehrin will also join as a writer/EP working with Cuse. ‘Bates Motel’ takes a sort of ‘Twin Peaks’ meets ‘Smallville’ approach to telling the back-story of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ killer Norman Bates, focusing on the killer’s days as a boy and how his life with his deranged mother (Vera Farmiga) and her lover drove him mad, eventually turning him the killer we know from Hitchcock’s film.

What say you?  Is adding Max Thierot as a brother for Norman Bates damaging to the mythology, or capture your interest in the series?  Give us your take in the comments below!