You undoubtedly remember November 15, 2013, the day when the entire city of San Francisco rallied around Miles “Batkid” Scott, helping to make a little boy’s wish come true for just one day. The story of Miles’ magical, crime-fighting day has been made into a new documentary, Batkid Begins, which not only gives you a proper introduction to Miles and his family, but shows the ways his story touched the lives of people around the world.

I dare you to get through this trailer (via USA Today) without crying. It’s practically impossible. Miles’ story is one that does more than just tug your heart strings — it yanks them violently. Back in 2013, the Make-a-Wish foundation granted the wish of Miles Scott, a young boy who had been diagnosed with leukemia. Miles’ wish was to become his hero, Batman, and thanks to the foundation and the help of thousands of volunteers, Miles got his wish.

Throughout the day, Miles, aka Batkid, battled villains like Penguin and Riddler, saved lives and rode around in the Batmobile. At the end of the day, Miles was rewarded with a key to the city for his heroic efforts.

Dana Nachman’s new documentary goes inside the making of that wish, and shows us what happens when one little boy’s very eventful day goes viral. Miles’ story was shared around the globe, and even inspired President Obama to send him a congratulatory video.

There’s another reason why Batkid Begins looks like it’s going to shatter your heart into a thousand pieces: Nachman co-wrote the doc with Kurt Kuenne, best known as the filmmaker behind Dear Zachary — and if you’re familiar at all with that documentary, you know how skilled Kuenne is when it comes to telling incredibly poignant, personal stories.

Batkid Begins will hit select theaters on June 26.

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