2015 was looking like the craziest year in cinema history (at least in terms of blockbusters) with 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron,' 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and more battling it out in the summer and winter months. 'Batman Vs. Superman' was one of the those big titles, but Warner Brothers and DC seemingly don't want to compete with that crowd and have moved the picture to May 6, 2016

Believe it or not there's already a film dated for that weekend, and it's a currently untitled Marvel project. This means we could then see a very huge clash between the titans of comic books that weekend, but it all depends on how Marvel takes this news. Perhaps they'll choose another release date that summer for one of their upcoming projects, or perhaps they'll double down and set something like 'Iron Man 4' against it. As for the 'Man of Steel' sequel's original release date, Warner Brothers has moved Joe Wright's 'Pan' into the July 17, 2015 space.

Considering the rush Warner Brothers has put on this property, a little more breathing room sounds like a good idea. This move may also be because they are planning to film 'Batman Vs. Superman' (or as it's still officially known 'The Untitled Zack Snyder Super Hero Film') back to back with their 'Justice League' movie, and need time to tinker. Regardless, 2015 just got a little less mighty.

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