'Batman Vs. Superman' (or as it's officially known, 'The Untitled Zack Snyder Super Hero Film'), is already crowded with superheroes, which makes it feel like Warner Brothers was trying to make the 'Man of Steel' sequel into a 'Justice League' movie. The latest rumor suggests that 'Batman Vs. Superman' won't be a 'Justice League' movie, but will lead directly into one that will co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Latino Review is reporting that the word is Warner Brothers plans to film 'Batman Vs. Superman' and 'Justice League' back to back to guarantee a quick turnaround time and to make sure the talent remains available. Often there's a two to four year gap between sequels, and that's often because the people involved go off and do other films, but this way the talent will be locked in for months on end.

They also note that The Rock has met with DC and will be involved with 'Justice League,' though there's no word on what part he would play. He then would likely be locked into a follow-up film that would spin off his character for a solo adventure. Another intriguing tidbit is that they say 'Batman Vs. Superman' ends with a huge cliffhanger that sets up 'Justice League.'

It's been obvious for a while that Warner Brothers and DC want to compete with Marvel, though they haven't done the same amount of world building. Where 'The Avengers' drew on at least five movies or so (does 'The Incredible Hulk' count?), DC wants to jump into their big team-up film after two movies, one of which hasn't even been released, and is still in pre-production, and there's no word of a script yet. But in a franchise-driven industry, this makes so much sense that we wouldn't be surprised if it is true.

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