Although the bulk of shooting on Zack Snyder's 'Batman vs. Superman' thus far has taken place in Detroit, Michigan, the production has also gotten to work in New Mexico where something big is going down. A large compound of buildings are currently being constructed in a desert environment and fan speculation about what could be going down here has already started to run wild.

As you can see in the local news report above (via Slashfilm), this mysterious compound doesn't look particularly modern or normal. So what scenes are being shot there? Here's some reasonable guesses:

It could be part of Paradise Island, Wonder Woman's homeland. However, the name "Paradise Island" doesn't really conjure images of the New Mexican desert (but, you know, CGI). We'll see if Gal Gadot shows up to the set.

It could be Atlantis, the domain ruled by Aquaman. And if you think you can't shoot an underwater city in the middle of an arid wasteland, just remember: CGI. Again, we'll see if Jason Momoa shows up to the set.

It could be a secret headquarters for Lex Luthor or another villain, which honestly seems most likely. However, the design of the buildings is just off-kilter enough to cast some doubts. We'll see if Jesse Eisenberg shows up to the set.

Whatever it is, it's likely to be reused for some of the many 'Justice League' sequels and spinoffs that have been announced for the near future. In the meantime, feel free to make your bets on what's going to be shot down there.

'Batman vs. Superman' opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.