Jena Malone never got to make her big screen debut in the DC Cinematic Universe. Her mysterious character was cut from the theatrical version of Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but now we have the very first look at her.

Snyder’s R-rated extended Blu-ray and DVD version of the movie, being called the Ultimate Edition, will feature 30 extra minutes of footage. Collider debuted the trailer for the new version today and it features a ton of new footage. Most notably, the trailer gives a look at Malone’s secretive character having an exchange with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. While the actress’ role was kept under wraps, Warner Bros. accidentally leaked it earlier this year in a fan survey. According to the leak (spoiler alert), Malone plays Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. Though Snyder previously denied rumors that Malone was playing Batgirl, she might just be playing a version of Gordon who doesn’t become the superhero. And it’s worth noting that Malone’s character is wearing glasses in the new scene.

The new trailer also shows different footage of the movie’s North Africa sequence, new shots of the titular superheroes fighting Doomsday, and has some new dialogue. On top of Easter Eggs in the extended version, Snyder previously told Collider what it will feature saying, “There’s a little bit longer ending, sort of the ending sequence, and the opening of the movie.” So expect a good amount of changes.

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