If you're a hardcore Battlefield fan who's planning on purchasing Battlefield 4 as soon as it comes out, chances are that it'll be for a current-gen console. If you've got any plans on getting an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and don't want your stats to be lost when you get BF4 again, then DICE might have some good news.

This means that players who make the jump to the new consoles won't have to restart their progress when it comes to getting all of the game's medals, achievements and dogtags. After all, Battlefield players sink a lot of time into the game in order to meet certain goals, so it'd be a shame to lose all of that progress.

Now, the team only says they're "investigating," so none of this is written in stone yet. Still, it would be a nice perk for anyone who's really serious about their Battlefield stats.

Let us know what you think about this move and whether or not you'll purchase Battlefield 4 when it's released on Oct. 29 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And definitely let us know if you'll be grabbing it for the next-gen consoles as well.