A new video giving us a preview of Battlefield 4's Spectator Mode has been shared by DICE. The footage gives us a very brief look at how we'll be able to follow payers around during matches.

Daniel Matros, producer at DICE, shows us how we'll be able to follow other players in Spectator Mode in either first-person or third-person. Third-person mode will show your target player's Player Card, giving you some info on that particular soldier, such as kill/death ratio, active weapon and ammo count.

Spectating in FreeCam mode lets you fly through the map freely, while the Tabletop Mode gives you a full view of all of the action from a top-down perspective, with the option to turn on a picture-in-picture mode as well. You'll also see weapons being fired and switch perspectives at any time.

Check out the rest of the amazing things you can do with the in-game camera in the video above and let us know if you're ready for Battlefield 4 to drop on October 29 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will be released later on in the year.