Well, if FOX’s American remake of ‘Broadchurch‘ didn’t send mobs of flaming pitchforks to the ‘Gracepoint‘ set, we suppose this was bound to happen. Idris Elba‘s revered detective drama ‘Luther’ looks to get its own FOX remake as well, with series creator Neil Cross on board to write and Elba in line to produce.

Per Variety, FOX has given a put pilot commitment to their latest remake project, which Cross himself will write for 20th Century Fox TV, Chernin Entertainment and BBC Worldwide Productions. ‘Thor‘ and original series star Elba will participate as a producer, but unlike David Tennant‘s role with FOX’s ‘Gracepoint,’ Elba isn’t likely to reprise the role with an American accent.

For those unfamiliar with the three-series U.K. hit, The BBC’s ‘Luther’ stars Elba in the titular role of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, an obsessive, possessed, and dangerous officer haunted by the murder of his wife. The series also co-starred Ruth Wilson, now known for her leading role in Showtime adultery drama ‘The Affair.’

Fans of the original ‘Luther’ well-know that while Neil Cross has dismissed the possibility of a fourth series, both he and Idris Elba have suggested the possibility of ‘Luther’ returning in a feature format. We don’t yet know if the American ‘Luther’ will come to pass (‘Gracepoint’ certainly hasn’t caught on like its predecessor), but what say you? Would you watch an American ‘Luther,’ without Idris Elba in the role? Check out the original series trailer below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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