The first 'Beautiful Creatures' trailer featured the first footage of this popular young adult book come to life. In terms of the story, which focuses on a young teenage boy who falls for a witch (excuse us, "Caster"), we already know that Lena (played by Alice Englert) is awaiting her 16th birthday to find out whether she'll be claimed for the light or dark side.

Now, however, a new international 'Beautiful Creatures' trailer has hit the web and it finally delves deeper into the plot of this film, spotlighting why exactly Lena is really fearful.

Thanks to our recent set visit to 'Beautiful Creatures' and the first official trailer, we know that Lena's dominion over the elements is coveted by the world of Casters. Now we finally get a better look at how devastating it can be in the footage from the new trailer (i.e. major tornado action). Turns out, though, Mrs. Lincoln (Emma Thompson), that crazy-hatted seemingly religious fanatic featured in previous footage, is actually a dark Caster looking to claim Lena for evil.

We know this doesn't mean much to non-fans of the book, but the trailer is still exciting to watch. There's magic, a teenage romance, elaborate costumes and family drama. Check out the full 'Beautiful Creatures' trailer below and be sure to check it out when it hits theaters February 13, 2013.

UPDATE: The previous version of the 'Beautiful Creatures' trailer No. 2 was pulled by Warner Bros. However, the official US trailer is essentially the same thing with a few more seconds of footage, so hopefully no more pulls.