It's been a couple of years since we last saw actor/writer/director Ben Affleck flex his comedic muscles on the big screen. Now he's looking to make us laugh out loud once again, but this time in Warner Bros' political comedy 'Nathan Decker.' Because nothing says comedy like a politician's horrible personal life.

The script was written by Dan Fogelman ('Crazy, Stupid, Love') which centers on a politician (Affleck) who ends up being caught up in an affair that catches mainstream attention. He then travels to his hometown in order to confront his past.

The Hollywood Reporter states that originally Tom Cruise was to be the star of the project but jumped ship due to unknown reasons. Now that they have Affleck on board, now they can move forward and go on the hunt for their director.

During the past couple of years we've seen Ben Affleck get in touch with his more dramatic side in front of and behind the camera between 'The Company Men,' 'State of Play' and in 'The Town.' Right now he's currently directing and acting in 'Argo,' a dramatic thriller based on the true events of a risky rescue mission during the middle of the Iranian revolution in the seventies. His new film will be making it's way into theaters on September 14, 2012.