Letterboxd’s database lists over 33,000 titles released in 2023 alone. That is ... an enormous amount of movies. Arguably too many! Talking about a fragmented media landscape.

But the great part about a site and app like Letterboxd is that it lets you wrap your brain around those films by filtering that massive database in different ways. And if you click “Films” then go to “YEAR” and choose “2020s,” then click “2023” and then sort by “Average Rating - Highest First” what you are left with is ... well, it’s still 33,000 movies. But now the ones that Letterboxd users liked the most are all right at the top of the first page for you to look through.

The highest-rated films of 2023 on Letterboxd mirrors a lot of the picks from critics groups and awards bodies so far. (You’ll find plenty of overlap with ScreenCrush’s own list of the best of the year, for example.) But there are also some unexpected titles on there as well — even some, dare I say, inspired choices.

Now it’s worth pointing out that if you look at this list on Letterboxd itself, the site actually includes a fair number of things that are not movies. There are several streaming series like Beef, and anime like Attack on Titan, and even a stray making-of documentary as well. (Apparently HBO’s Making of The Last of Us was really good?) We’re talking about movies here, so none of those various things made the cut.

Here, now, are the 25 top-rated movies of 2023 on Letterboxd...

The Best Movies of 2023, According to Letterboxd

The users of Letterboxd logged thousands of movies in 2023; these 25 titles had the highest average ratings.

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The Worst Movies of 2023, According to Letterboxd

These 25 titles have the lowest average rating for 2023 titles on the social media movie website Letterboxd.

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