Early into Better Call Saul’s inception, Bob Odenkirk puzzled fans with news that the prequel lawyer drama wasn’t actually a prequel at all, but a hybrid of events before and after Breaking Bad. Last night’s Season 2 “Switch” premiere briefly returned us to Saul’s post-Bad life as “Gene,” but writers eventually intend to tell an entire episode in the sequel Breaking Bad timeline.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, “Switch” and prior Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz discussed the premiere cold open that again returned us to the erstwhile Saul’s life managing a Cinnabon, this time confirming a little Saul still resides within the sheepish mallworker. The first season similarly only spent a cold open on Saul’s diminished livelihood, but Season 3 may devote an entire episode to events after Breaking Bad:

We have talked about many different things. We talk about doing a whole Gene episode. It’s really wide open and we’re not locking ourselves into anything. We might never see again, but we probably will see Gene at the beginning of season three if we do get picked up for season three. I think there’s gonna be more Gene, but I’m not sure how much. I think at some point there will be at least a Gene episode, if not the finale then somewhere along the way that ties a bow around this whole package that we have of Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman and Gene the Cinnabon Manager.

Of course, Better Call Saul could easily tell an entire Gene story without following up on any characters or events of Breaking Bad, but this is the same show whose Season 2 premiere snuck in not only Don Eladio’s favorite tequila, but even Kyle Bornheimer as a minor Breaking Bad character who would go on to aggravate Walt one afternoon. It stands to reason that if “Gene” pulls the spotlight for an episode, other Albuquerque residents will come with him.

Well, which Breaking Bad character might be most worthy of a Better Call Saul check-in to the present? Might there be truth to conspiracy theories of Walt’s survival after all?

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