“Stubbornness and persuasiveness continue to be my two top qualities,” Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill says in the first full trailer for Better Call Saul Season 4. And boy, is that more true than ever.

After the fiery climactic end of the third season of the Breaking Bad spinoff, Jimmy is getting closer and closer to becoming the Saul we all know and love. As the trailer teases – and spoiler alert if you’re not caught up – the new season finds Jimmy back on his bulls–t, a man with a plan who finds new ways to swindle and con after his suspension from lawyer life. There’s a shot of Chuck’s funeral (but he’ll be back!), and plenty of exciting footage of Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus and the local cartel subplot, which is only getting messier after Hector Salamanca’s stroke at the end of Season 3. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, the Salamanca cousins, Victor, and plenty other Breaking Bad alums are back as well.

I’ve seen the first two episodes of the new season – my lips are sealed until the embargo lefts next week – and while a bunch of this footage is from those, there’s still some from the rest of the season. AMC is surely keeping the most anticipated bits under wraps. The new season is expected to have exciting connections to Breaking Bad, finally introducing the mysterious “Lalo” character, and perhaps a pivotal character from Walter White’s world (check out my theory here).

Better Call Saul returns in just a few weeks on August 6, so now is the time to rewatch Season 3 if you get the chance. Stay tuned for more updates from the show’s Comic-Con panel later today.

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