Zach Galifianakis' awkward celebrity interview webseries, 'Between Two Ferns,' is getting its own Comedy Central special. Scott Aukerman, who directed many of the popular webisodes, made the announcement on his "Comedy Bang Bang" podcast, giving fair warning to potential celebrity victims, everywhere

In the tradition of 'SNL's' 'The Chris Farley Show' and Sascha Baron Cohen's Ali G, "Between Two Ferns" plays like a low-rent public access show whose asocial host somehow manages to get the likes of A-listers, Natalie Portman and John Hamm to appear. While Galifianakis hits them with questions about their dog's penis or what it's like to work with Chewbacca, the celebs squirm in their seats while growing increasingly uncomfortable, all while in on the joke.

The half-hour special, titled 'Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York,' will air on May 6 before the Comedy Awards. Scott Aukerman will also direct the show's cable debut, which marks the return of 'Two Ferns' after the series went on hiatus over a year ago.

Tina Fey, Jon Stewart and Richard Branson are listed among the guests who've agreed to sit between two obtrusive house plants and field painful questions from Galifianakis. And it should be fun to see how the three handle 'The Hangover' star's patented mouth-breathing interview style.

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