We've seen all manner of reactions to the terrible and tragic 'The Dark Knight Rises' shooting in aurora.  Some comedians make horribly ill-timed jokes, while the Warner Bros. studio itself modifies films like 'Gangster Squad' for content all-too reminiscent of the shooting that left 12 dead and dozens more wounded.  On the heels of it's 'Gangster Squad' changes, Warner Bros. has decided to make a few changes to upcoming animated series 'Beware the Batman' as well.  What's going to be different?

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has decided to modify scenes and certain design aspects of upcoming Batman series 'Beware the Batman,' out of sensitivity to the recent Aurora, Colorado shooting.  Studio executive VP Sam Register has been asked the creative team to scrutinize the series' depiction of weapon with subtle changes, such as redesigning gun barrels from round to square, re-rendering them in an effort to stylize the weaponry away from reality and closer toward science-fiction. The show is also expected to alter situations deemed "too realistic," a process likely to be expensive and time-consuming.

Sources also pointed out that Register opted to make the changes to 'Beware the Batman' of his own accord, rather than following any directive from higher-up.  Prior to any changes made to the series, 'Beware the Batman' was touted as the first CG adaptation of the character, one which re-imagines Alfred as a gun-toting sidekick, and eschews the more famous Batman villains for the lesser-known likes of Anarky, Professor Pig and Mister Toad.

Following the changes, 'Beware the Batman' is expected to debut on Cartoon Network's DC Nation block in 2013.

What say you?  Is Warner Bros. right to make changes to the series after the shooting?  Will you check out 'Beware the Batman' when it airs in 2013?  Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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