Before we get a chance to see Michael Douglas play the good guy in ‘Ant-Man,’ we’re going to see him take on a much more twisted role in ‘Beyond the Reach.’ The upcoming thriller features Douglas as a powerful businessman who goes out hunting in the desert, where he accidentally murders someone and then purposely tries to murder someone else. Fun!

The first ‘Beyond the Reach’ trailer doesn’t attempt to hide much of the film’s plot—Douglas plays wealthy businessman Madec, who heads out into The Reach with Ben (Jeremy Irvine) as his knowledgeable guide. Madec’s confidence overshadows his logic when he mistakes a human being for an animal and shoots him. While Ben wants to do the right thing and report it, Madec is concerned for his reputation, so he strips Ben down and leaves him out in the scorching desert. “I’m not going to kill you,” Douglas’ Madec says, “I’m going to watch you die.” That’s so sweet, right?

Douglas is a total pro at playing these particular egomaniacal and sinister roles to chilling effect, and there’s something about ‘Beyond the Reach’ that feels like it has the potential to be a decent throwback thriller.

‘Beyond the Reach’ gets a limited theatrical release and hits VOD on April 17.