The new trailer for BEYOND: Two Souls features Academy Award nominees Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe discussing the beautiful drama contained within the game's narrative.

Ellen Page goes over Jodie's personality, her dynamic with Aiden and how she just wanted to be a normal girl. Unfortunately, her circumstances make it so that she'll never be like anybody else, no matter how much she wants to just get all dressed up and go out on dates.

She also talks about the scope of the game and how it has these amazing action sequences, locations all over the world and a story that spans years. Willem Dafoe talks about his character's relationship with Jodie and how it's complicated because he acts as both a surrogate father and a scientist who wants to further his goals.

Watch the trailer above and look for BEYOND: Two Souls when it's released on PlayStation 3 on Oct. 08. Let us know what you think of these two actors and their roles in the game.