A brand new video for Beyond: Two Souls has been posted. This video features about 18 minutes full of gameplay from different parts of the game.

In the video posted by AllGamesBeta, we get to see snippets of different points in Jodie's life, from her very first interview to her time as a CIA agent. If you want to watch the video above, be aware that there a great number of spoilers contained within the gameplay, so skedaddle if you don't want to go into the game proper with any knowledge of what might happen.

The scenes that we witness include Jodie hanging out at a party when she's a teenager, her time training as a CIA agent, her escape from a train and bits of her childhood in the Department of Paranormal Activities. Throughout all of these different sections, we're given a taste of how the controls will work during exploration and combat, as well as how we'll control Aiden, the entity that's tethered to Jodie.

Watch the video above and then look forward to the release of the game on Oct. 8 on the PlayStation 3. A demo for Beyond: Two Souls will be available for play on Oct. 1.