Not only did we learn the (non) location of Springfield, but last week's episode of 'The Simpsons,' also shed light on Homer's torrid love affair with his couch.

Animator Bill Plympton, the latest to "guest direct" the opening credits couch gag, shed light on the origin story of Homer's favorite piece of furniture, which plays more like the tale of a spurned lover turned street walking hussy than a living room sofa.

The "couch gag" is a long-running 'Simpsons' tradition, placed at the end of the show's opening credits and used to shorter and lengthen the episode's running time, as needed.

In the animated short, a young Homer's blissful relationship the living room centerpiece is cut short when he meets Marge, sending the rust-colored couch into a downward spiral that involves pole dancing and prostitution.

Check out Plympton's entry into 'Simpsons' lore below and never look at your couch the same way, again.