If only all viral marketing was this much fun...

A few days ago,  geek icon Joss Whedon posted a video where he called for a boycott of comedian Mike Birbiglia's film 'Sleepwalk With Me,' saying that its expansion into 115 theaters is unacceptable...mainly because 'The Avengers' is only in 500 now and needs every screen it can get. It was a joke, delivered with Whedon's deadpan delivery and ultra-dry wit, but Birbiglia and his producer Ira Glass have issued an official response...and a challenge.

In the video, they acknowledge Whedon's harsh words and outline their plan to upstage him. They declare that since 'The Avengers' has made $1.5 billion worldwide, they will do everything in their power to see 'Sleepwalk With Me' gross $1,500,000,001. Of course, they're not opening on 4,000-plus screens, they don't have international distribution and the true story of Birbiglia's increasingly dangerous sleepwalking and his troubled relationships doesn't star Iron Man and Thor, but those are only minor hiccups and they have the math to prove it! Watch out, Whedon! Watch out, 'Avengers'! Here comes 'Sleepwalk With Me'!

Although it has a snowball's chance in Hell of grossing even a portion of the $617,000,000 'The Avengers' has made domestically, 'Sleepwalk With Me' is a truly wonderful movie and was one of the highlights of this year's SXSW. Not to mention, getting to see wits as sharp as Whedon and Birbiglia going head-to-head is a joy. Interestingly, this exchange is something of a reunion for the two of them, as they were both guests on an incredible live episode of This American Life recorded back in 2009 (This American Life also produced 'Sleepwalk With Me').

Although it's currently playing on those 115 screens, you can still request 'Sleepwalk With Me' to come to a theater near you on the film's official site.

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