People laugh for all sorts of reasons. Usually, it’s because something funny has happened, like an adult slipping on a banana peel and falling, or a cat doing anything. But sometimes, a body will be so overcome with positive emotion, so wracked with elation and joy that the only physiological response is the erratic exhalation we’ve deemed laughter. Marriage proposals, sex, good news, these transcendent experiences overwhelm our apparatuses used to process emotion and bubble over into a jovial laugh.

The bad guys in James Bond films take pleasure in weird stuff. The evil laugh has become something of a trope in the series; no laborious explanation of the mastermind’s world-takeover scheme is complete without a nefarious cackle to tie a ribbon on the scene. (Then, as dictated in the Big Book of James Bond Plot Schematics, the villain must leave the premises so 007 can wriggle out of whatever death-trap he’s been caught in.) What could possibly be funnier than global domination?

Vimeo user Phil Whitehead has compiled all of the greatest chuckles, cackles, chortles, guffaws, and other weird synonyms for laughter in a new supercut video titled “Bond Villains Love To Laugh”. From the rich, throaty ”muahahahaha” of Grace Jones in A View to a Kill to the tinny, upper-register “hehehehe” of Goldeneye’s Alan Cumming, the video’s sure to tickle any viewer’s funny bone. Or, somewhat more likely, it will provide bored office workers with a ninety-second respite from the drudgery of a Monday morning’s taskload.

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