For his statuesque frame, booming voice and all-around iconic presence, one barely even needs to review Michael Clarke Duncan's body of film work to remember the man, though in recent years his eye had shifted toward television. Prior to his death, Duncan attempted a series regular role in FOX's 'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder' before its ultimate cancellation. 'Bones' creator Hart Hanson says he planned to return the gentle giant to TV before his death, but as whom?

While Hollywood and fans everywhere continue to mourn the tragic loss of actor Michael Clarke Duncan, 'Bones' creator Hart Hanson recently penned a moving letter to The Hollywood Reporter, detailing what would have been an upcoming guest spot for the actor on the long-running FOX series. Prior to his death, Duncan's spin-off 'The Finder' ultimately failed to find a home on the network, but Hanson hoped to wrap that up with a follow-up.

'The Finder' started as an episode of 'Bones,' and we were thinking of having MCD and Geoff do one more crossover episode on 'Bones' so that we could tell the 'Bones' fans what happened after 'The Finder' didn't come back.

We put all that on hold when [Duncan] had his heart attack in July, but we were hoping he'd be back. We're just now coming to grips with the idea that MCD is gone. I sure hope we can think of something that would do him proud.

His first regular TV series role, Duncan played the part of Leo Knox, a widower and former lawyer who owned the bar out of which series lead Geoff Stults operated his special skills. Both characters were based on characters found in Richard Greener's 'The Locator' novels.

Terrible shame we'll never see this re-appearance come to pass, and terrible still to have lost Michael Clarke Duncan. Perhaps a tribute could still one day be in the cards.

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