The third season of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow has already undergone a bit of course-correction to reclaim its first season fervor, and it seems the next set of Bones Icabod and Abbie encounter will belong to Booth and Brennan. FOX officially has in mind a Sleepy Hollow / Bones crossover for spring, and … no, hang on. Guys, are you sure we have this right? That doesn’t make a damn bit of … oh, cra—

Yes, well … according to Entertainment Weekly (and as had been teased over time by TVLine), FOX will cast a bit of black magic to boost the stagnant Sleepy Hollow and bicentennial Bones by a pair of back-to-back mutual crossovers, originally eyed for the fall, but pushed back to midseason, likely 2016. Both begin their runs on Thursday, October 1.

Details (and dignity) remain under wraps for now, but there’s no telling if Temperance Brennan will be driven to the brink of sanity by Sleepy Hollow’s supernatural frick-a-frack, or vice-versa for Ichabod crane and David Boreanaz’ inexplicably eternal good looks. Either way, it’s certainly one of the bolder TV gambits of recent years, and will almost undoubtedly … uh …

It’ll … it’ll TV.

Oh, and Nikki Reed is going to play a sexy Betsy Ross. On Sleepy Hollow, that is. Probably. I mean … I think. I have to go now.

Sleepy Hollow Bones Crossover