The sixth all-new playable vault hunter arrived on Pandora Tuesday, as Krieg is now available to download in Borderlands 2 on all platforms.

To celebrate the arrival of the big, bad, and (frankly) insane psycho bandit Krieg, Gearbox has released a new trailer showing off just what makes this new character worth the investment. For $9.99 (800MSP), you'll be able to wield a bad-ass axe, get fired up, and blow the ever-living crap out of every single enemy you encounter. Provided you invest in the right skills.

Krieg's skill tree is broken down into a few tasty new categories. Buzz Axe Rampage sets the character on a melee rampage, which allows him to earn health back with every kill. Leveling up Bloodlust grants Krieg the ability to cause fallen enemies to explode with whatever kind of damage was dealt. Electric damage? Giant ball of lightning. Fire damage? Flaming bodies everywhere. That bodes well for the Hellborn tree, which grants Krieg damage resistance while he's ablaze. Of course, all of these pale in comparison to Mania. As Krieg's shields go down, he becomes more powerful, even when he's got no protection left. In fact, he's even more dangerous when left completely uncovered.

You can see more of Krieg in action in the trailer below, but be warned; Krieg just might influence you to start doing crazy things like running head-first into battle just to bring the pain.