Actor Bradley Cooper continues to wonderfully overwhelm himself with several film projects as he leans towards MRC's 'Bad Blood and Trouble' and perhaps Clint Eastwood's rendition of 'A Star Is Born.' We know, we're just as surprised as you to see that the project is still being developed.

The first project, 'Bad Blood and Trouble,' is a romantic action drama that's to be directed by J. Blakeson, the same man who took on 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed' a couple of years back. The story is set in Miami, centering on a detective who falls in love with a married woman. To make things even more complicated, she's married to a man whose currently being headhunted by a number of criminals in town. Filming for 'Bad Blood' should begin in the later half of 2013, reports Variety.

But what about 'A Star Is Born'? This is Clint Eastwood's picture that has been talked about for quite some time but hasn't exactly picked up enough momentum to turn heads. Since they're currently eyeballing Bradley Cooper to play the male lead alongside Beyonce Knowles, maybe this project will get back on track after all. It's just a shame that they're looking at Cooper only to realize that he doesn't have enough time in his schedule to fit this. When you're an in-demand actor such as him, sometimes you have to just turn down roles no matter how appealing they may be.

You can see Bradley Cooper on the big screen in 'Hit and Run,' due out in theaters on August 22nd. Cooper will begin filming his role for 'The Hangover Part III' fairly soon so expect to be bombarded by on-set photos on the last installment of the Todd Phillips trilogy.