Michael FassbenderJude Law and Bradley Cooper all now have something in common, as Cooper is the third actor to exit from 'Jane Got a Gun,' the troubled Natalie Portman production that had its director replaced.

Though it's unknown why Cooper has left the production, The Hollywood Reporter suggests it could be his busy schedule, as he's about to promote the release of 'The Hangover Part 3' and is shooting David O. Russell's latest film, on top of being an in-demand actor. They also mention that an offer went out to Jake Gyllenhaal, but he passed.

As has been well established, originally the film was set to co-star Michael Fassbender and Jude Law alongside Natalie Portman, and was to be directed by Lynne Ramsay, but Fassbender was the first to leave, and then word leaked that Ramsay didn't show up for the first day of shooting (this wasn't entirely true). Gavin O'Connor was brought in to helm the film, while Joel Edgerton shuffled his role.

It's hard to say if this is the bullet that brings the production down, or if they can find someone else with enough star power to step in and get the job done. At this point, we're just waiting for the book about all the in's and out's of this production.