Pixar once again has another hit on their hands with 'Brave,' and this cool video shows an aspect of animation that usually goes ignored by the media and fans -- sound design.

Sound is a fascinating thing in film. Especially for an animated film that almost always takes four years to complete. Before we ever hear about a new movie from Pixar, you can bet that they've been working on it for two years in pre-production before announcing it to the world. Want that sequel to 'The Incredibles?' For all we know, it's already in the works. We just won't hear about it for a while.

Slashfilm has a video link showing a featurette that focuses on the intricate process of sound design in Pixar's new flick. While it's always neat to watch featurettes on actors doing their lines, or watch the writers act out scenes during one of their storyboard meetings, the sound featurette is just as cool to watch. You get to see just how complex a process it is and makes you appreciate those small, subtle noises you hear as you're watching the movie.

Check out the featurette below. 'Brave' is currently playing at your local theater.