Vince Vaughn has come a long way from crashing weddings as a strictly comedic actor. He’s made one of my favorite transitions in film acting, from “Oh, he’s hilarious” to “Oh, he’s actually really good.” While his season of True Detective wasn’t exactly lauded, Vaughn has proved his talent for drama, and his new film Brawl in Cell Block 99 certainly looks like it’ll prove that even further. Also, he just looks terrifying.

Vaughn plays a man named Bradley who used to be a boxer, is now a mechanic in a marriage at the end of a slow death, and takes a job as a drug courier for an old friend (played by Don Johnson). Long story short, the job lands him in prison, and he’s stuck amidst terrifying enemies in a place where the only way to survive is to fight your way through.

What’s cool about this teaser is that you don’t actually see much of the titular brawl — all you see is how he gets there and some stuff leading up to it. We’ll probably see more of it once a full-length trailer drops, but for now, this movie already looks really good.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A former boxer named Bradley loses his job as an auto mechanic, and his troubled marriage is about to expire.  At this crossroads in his life, he feels that he has no better option than to work for an old buddy as a drug courier.  This vocation improves his situation until the terrible day that he finds himself in a gunfight between a group of police officers and his own ruthless allies.  When the smoke clears, Bradley is badly hurt and thrown in prison, where his enemies force him to commit acts of violence that turn the place into a savage battleground.

Brawl in Cell Block 99 will tour the fall festival circuit before opening on October 6 and hitting VOD and Digital HD on October 13.

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