For the five years that 'Breaking Bad' has been blasting our faces off on AMC, it's easy to forget that time has moved considerably slower for the characters.  From Tuco, to Gus, to laser tag and back, it's only been a solitary year since Walter White was first diagnosed with lung cancer, and decided to break bad.  The latest clip from 'Breaking Bad's upcoming "Fifty-One" certainly reminds us of that, but what does it say about the future teases we've glimpsed?

Something very big is going to go down over the course of 'Breaking Bad's final season, which we learned from the very first scene of season 5 premiere "Live Free or Die."  Only thirteen episodes remain of the entire series, yet somehow we're going to move through an entire year of Walter White's life, something 'Breaking Bad' took five seasons to accomplish even once.

The latest clip from the aptly-titled "Fifty-One" highlights that exactly one year has elapsed from the start of the series, as Skyler serves Walt's breakfast just as she did with at 50 made of bacon in the series pilot.  But no 51 this time around, until Walter and Walter Jr. protest she follow through with tradition!  Awkward...

It's all leading up to the future we saw at the beginning of "Live Free or Die," which featured a very different-looking (and possibly sick) Walter White alone in a New Hampshire Denny's, making his own bacon 52 before obtaining an assault rifle for unknown purposes!  Will there be a bacon 53?

Check out the new clip from 'Breaking Bad's "Fifty-One" below, and tell us what you think in the comments!