Less than a week remains until 'Breaking Bad' cooks up its final eight episodes of the series, and given that length of time, we're not likely to see much in the way of a full trailer for the final installments. That doesn't mean AMC can't get us primed for Sunday's big premiere however, with a brand-spanking new teaser trailer that recaps the past few seasons!

Of course, along with AMC's new teaser of the final episodes, now might be a good time to check out the 'Breaking Bad' episodes you need to watch before the final season. It all builds up to the August 11 premiere, which promises to light the fuse on a final end to Walter White (Bryan Cranston) that we can only imagine. Speaking at a recent New York Times press event, Cranston revealed his own dark thoughts on ‘Breaking Bad”s ultimate end, specifically whether or not Walter White would end up dead.

I think there’s a good case for that, that maybe that’s a fitful end. And yet what if the thing he wanted the most, which was the togetherness of his family — what if he lived and they didn’t? Wouldn’t that be a worse hell to be in? Or maybe he should die, I vacillate on this.

Meanwhile, among the recent photos and teasers of ‘Breaking Bad’s ultimate eight, executive producer Peter Gould ominously warned of the final episodes, “We wouldn’t have brought an M-60 into the show if we didn’t know we were going to have a hell of a finish.”

It's all come to this, so check out the latest teaser trailer above, and stay tuned of the latest from 'Breaking Bad''s final eight hours!