Just yesterday we heard the news that not only will 'Breaking Bad' premiere its final eight episodes on August 11, but that fans will have a chance to discuss the episode in a weekly 'Talking Dead'-style talk show called 'Talking Bad'! It might seem like we're a ways off from premiere episode "The Decision,"* but how would you like to check out the first photo from the final episodes right now? 

Anticipation for the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad' will no doubt drive fans wild, as any ending we could possibly concoct for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would pale in comparison to the real thing. To that end, today brings with it our first look at the beginning of the end, as SpoilerTV (strangely) managed to obtain the first photo from August 11 premiere "The Decision"!

In it, we see Walter making what appears to be an impassioned plea to Jesse over unfamiliar fast food, but Jesse doesn't appear to be too interested in whatever Walter's selling. Or, at least whatever's in the duffel bag between them. Might Walter be a bit on edge now that his brother-in-law has discovered his secret?

Check out the first photo from 'Breaking Bad's' August 11 return below, and give us your predictions for the final eight episodes in the comments!

* - UPDATE - Several readers have pointed out that August 11 premiere title "The Decision" was a joke from series star Dean Norris, and shouldn't necessarily be taken as official. We're still curious about the photo's origin, however...

AMC / SpoilerTV