Apart from a few darkly comic moments here and there, 'Breaking Bad' doesn't often give us occasion to laugh. And we'll need quite a bit of laughter if we're to get through the wait to next summer, which debuts the final eight episodes of the series, following up on Hank's great toilet revelation. Take a look at the 'Breaking Bad' season 4 gag reel to see how the cast livens things up when they're not busy winning all the Emmys!

Who needs all the high-end drama of robbing freight trains, blowing off drug dealers faces, or all that pesky chemistry? The 'Breaking Bad' season 4 gag reel is every bit as entertaining as its darker counterpart, and doesn't keep us on the edge of our seat. Plus, it's nice to be reminded that Bryan Cranston is an actual human being, and not the scariest character in the history of ever.

So while we patiently await the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, check out this awesome gag reel of the show's fourth season, which sees the lighter sides of some of our favorite-now-departed guest stars. Only eight episodes left, so enjoy every bit you can! And on an unrelated note, thank goodness for censors.

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