'Breaking Bad' season 5 is well underway, now that its second episode "Madrigal" significantly upped the tension quotient, and gave us all the Mike-centric episode we've been longing for.  So now that the grizzled hit-man is down to do business with Walter and Jesse again, what new obstacles are to present themselves in launching a new business?  The first clip reveals the best course of action...better call Saul!

Hit-man Mike is back in the game for 'Breaking Bad's third episode "Hazard Pay," though you'd better believe that Saul Goodman is going to be none-too-happy about it.  After all, Mike previously threatened to break Saul's legs under Gus' regime, so he would at least be understandably skittish!

Nevertheless, Walter and Jesse will need Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) for his knowledge of the business, and pure bad-assery, so a reunion was inevitable.  And given Saul's own trepidation for venturing back into business with Walter and Jesse after the miracle of their survival, the tension isn't likely to let up on 'Breaking Bad' anytime soon.

Check out the first clip from this coming Sunday's third episode "Hazard Pay," as the two cooks attempt to coax Saul into allowing Mike into the business, while the mountainous Huell stands guard outside.  We'll have the full review for you on Sunday, but in the meantime tell us what you're hoping to see from 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the comments!