Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its second of the final eight episodes, as Hank attempts to enlist Skyler in bringing Walt to justice, while Walt covers his bases and Jesse's actions last week leave him in a position to be compromised.

Last week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ premiere “Blood Money” saw Hank struggling to make sense of his newfound realization about Walt, while Walt underwent another round of treatment, and Jesse fervently attempted to assuage his guilty conscience, so how does “Buried” keep the final eight episodes running? Now that Hank knows, how will it all end for ‘Breaking Bad?'

Read on for your in-depth recap and review of everything you need to know about ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 episode 10, “Buried!”

On old man heads to his car at night, stopping at the sight of a pile of cash in his driveway. Examining it, the man finds similar piles strewn about the block, before following the sight of a car crashed into a nearby swingset. The man inspects the car to find Jesses bag of money inside, with Jesse himself lying on a nearby merry go round, aimlessly spinning himself.

Walt exits Hank’s garage, sharing one last stare with the man, before driving off and desperately trying to phone Skyler. In his rear view, Walt sees Hank on the phone, and realizes that he has already gotten through to her, before speeding off. When Walt finally arrives at the car wash, Skyler is nowhere to be found, having already sat down to coffee across town with Hank!

Hank does his best to placate Skyler that he’ll help her through what’s to come, though when Hank produces a tape recorder to hear what she has to say, Skyler freezes. Unsure what to make of the revelation that Walt’s cancer has returned, Skyler begins to insist she have a lawyer, in spite of Hank’s pleas to be on her side. Hank agrees to the lawyer, but insists on taking the kids over to their place, sending Skyler into a panic. Skyler demands to know if she’s under arrest, causing a scene as Hank attempts to stop her from leaving.

Across town, Huell and Kuby open up Walt’s storage locker full of cash, before Huell gives in to his urge to lie on top of the money, soon followed by his partner. Meanwhile, Saul tries and fails to reach Jesse, before assuring Walt that Skyler knows very little, and proposing that Walt send Hank “on a trip to Belize,” as had worked for him in the past. Walt flatly shoots down the notion of killing family, before Huell and Kuby arrive with the cash loaded into barrels in a van, which Walter drives off to the desert to bury alone.

Unable to reach Walt, Skyler finds herself in a panic when Marie knocks on the door, with Hank waiting nearby. Skyler allows Marie inside, but only listens and cries as Marie slowly pieces together that her sister has known about Walt since before Hank’s shooting. Marie slaps Skyler, and goes to forcibly take Holly with her, but Hank enters to interrupt the confrontation, and ultimately convince Marie to release Holly. Out in the car, Marie demands Hank take Walt down.

Walt works feverishly into the night to bury his money, recording a GPS location and smashing the device, ultimately buying a lottery ticket with the coordinates as numbers. Skyler finds Walt at home and insists that she told Hank nothing, though Walter doesn't respond, and collapses as he attempts to disrobe for a shower. The next morning, Walt awakes with Skyler tending to him, confirms his cancer’s return, and offers to turn himself in to get her a deal with Hank. Skyler points out that Hank seems only to have suspicions without proof, and suggests their best course might be to stay quiet for the time being.

A blindfolded Lydia arrives to Declan’s remote hideaway, insisting the recent decline in quality of their product has earned her the chance to oversee the operation. Declan and his men lead Lydia to a bus buried underground for use as a meth lab, which she points out to be in substandard conditions. Declan insists he has no interest in following Heisenberg’s lead to make a purer product, even if her Czech buyers disagree. Declan also refuses to reemploy Todd, before a footsoldier above announces they have a problem. Declan leaves Lydia alone in the bus, wherein she sends a text, and braces herself for the sounds of gunfire overhead. After the shots die down, Todd opens the hatch and acknowledges Lydia’s request not to see the bloody aftermath, leading her blindfolded through the mess. Finally, Todd’s uncle and his cohorts put the last bullet into Declan, before seizing his equipment

Marie urges Hank to go into work and enlist the DEA’s help, but Hank points out that the revelation will inevitably end his career, and that he might save some face by being the one to personally catch Heisenberg. Hank ultimately agrees to go in to the office, and prepares to set up a conference, but relents when Gomez reveals Jesse Pinkman was caught throwing money all about town.

Jesse vacantly stares as the police officers ask him about the money, before Hank calls them out of the interrogation room, and brokers time to speak to Jesse alone.

Admittedly, we might have been a bit hard on 'Breaking Bad''s premieres last week, given the entire fifth season takes on a very different tone from its predecessors in having a certain element of predictability. Hank inevitably had to learn the truth about his brother-in-law, and so too will people die and inevitably lead to Walt recieving a deadly present on his 52nd birthday, seemingly sucking a bit if the air from the final episodes. That said, all bets are again off as a recent leak of final episode spoilers has proven not to be true, once again flooding 'Breaking Bad' with the unpredictability that makes it so terribly fun to watch.

Now that the major bubble has burst, and Hank has had time to come to grips with his newfound knowledge of Walt, the really power struggle has begun. Skyler has fully broken bad in her decision to stick with Walt and deny Hank the final pieces of the puzzle to build a solid case, and Jesse remains a wild card in Hank's pocket that could well define the final episodes. And even though relatively little actually happens over the course of "Buried," apart from a few major conversations, and two eventful trips to the desert, every exchange from tonight's episode carries a charge that keeps us on edge from hour to hour.

It proves a testament to the writers and Betsy Brandt herself that Marie became the most rational reaction to Walt's menace, unflinchingly coming to her sister's aid, and just as instantaneously striking her for supporting Walt in all the damage he'd done to their family. The ensuing shouting match that erupts from Marie's justified attempt to abscond with baby Holly proves difficult to understand amid the baby's fervent cries, but nonetheless effective in conveying the the impotent horror all have been placed in the path of thanks to Walt's selfish actions.

Naturally, even the bloodiest sequence of the episode pales in comparison to its more emotional moments, though Lydia's treachery against Declan and his men will surely have major ramifications in the episodes to come. Not to mention, the amount of damage inflicted by Todd and his uncle's men starts to put the future White household and Walter's need of an M-60 into a frightening context we just barely want to consider, let alone experience in the coming weeks.

What say you? Did you get your fix of ‘Breaking Bad’ bad-assery?  What did you think about tonight's episode "Buried"? Stay tuned for more from the cast and creators and join us next week for another all-new ‘Breaking Bad’ episode recap of “Confessions” on AMC!