Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its seventh, and penultimate episode of the year, as  Walter negotiates a new plan with Mike's buyer Declan, while Jesse remains firm in his decision to leave the business, and Mike finds yet another complication for himself.

Last week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ episode “Buyout” saw Jesse and Mike deciding to sell themselves out of their business following the police interest and tension of "Dead Freight", while Walter refused to dismantle the empire they’ve slowly built for themselves, so how does “Say My Name” keep things moving?  What will season 5 of ‘Breaking Bad’ cook up next?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 episode 7, “Say My Name!"

Mike, Walter and Jesse right out in to the desert to meet with Declan, buyer for the methylamine.  With Watler taking the lead, Declan becomes aggravated that they haven’t brought the product, and are instead pitching that they could make far more money by distributing Walter’s product.  The man himself compares Declan’s knock-off dyed product as generic  cola vs. his superior Coca-Cola, offering them 35% of the take, far more valuable than excluding Walter.  Declan reluctantly accepts the terms of the deal, as Walter makes them say his name.  Who, you ask?  Heisenberg.  You’re God damn right.

After the deal is done, even Mike hands it to Walter for negotiating the arrangement that met all their needs, but Jesse still insists to Walter that he’s out of the business.  Walt brushes him off, at least enlisting his help in making the transition to a new cook.  Back at Vamonos Pest, Mike says his goodbyes to the partners, telling Jesse to watch out for himself as Walter looks on.

Over at the car wash, Skyler opens up for Walter and Jesse to retrieve the tanker of methylamine, finding all of her questions about the situation brushed off by Walter.  Jesse eyes Skyler nervously, as she walks away in defeat.  Meanwhile at a local bank, Mike’s lawyer Daniel Wachsburg plies the security deposit clerk with sweets, who happily leaves him alone with his multiple boxes.  Daniel fills all the various boxes with stacks of cash, including a tremendous one to be left for his granddaughter Kaylee on her 18th birthday.  Afterwards, he assures Mike in the car that the families of his 9 guys will continue to receive their payouts.

Afterward, Mike rids himself of the bugging laptop, and all his weaponry by stashing it in one of his usual desert hiding places, and leaving a car at the airport with a hidden key.  At home, he pours coffee as the police arrive with a warrant to search his home.  Mike blithely watches TV, while unfortunately for Gomie and Hank, they don’t find an ounce of anything incriminating.

The next day, Walter sets up by himself, when Jessie drops by.  Walt tries to get Jesse to help him, talking a big talk about getting Jesse his own lab to run, but Jesse insists that he wants his $5 million to leave the business.  Walt tries every angle possible to get Jesse to stay, warning him he’ll use drugs again, or guilting him into it, while Jesse fires back that Walt isn’t nearly as upset about the deaths they’ve cause as he should be.  Rather than stay there and argue, Jesse tells Walter to keep his money, that he’s leaving regardless, as Walter shouts after him alone in the dark.

The next day, Hank largely tunes out during a video-conference budget meeting, looking at photos of Mike Ehrmantraut, before his superior requests a few moments alone afterward.  The man praises Hank’s work, but insists that he needs to stop placing surveillance on Ehrmantraut, and let go of the Fring case entirely, given his new position.  Hank begrudgingly accepts, but afterward asks Gomie to put a tail on the lawyer who seems to represent everyone but Ehrmantraut, Daniel Wachsburger.

Walter suits up for a cook but he’s not alone.  Instead of Jesse however, it’s his new partner Todd!  Todd knows nothing of chemistry or the process, but Walt heavy-handedly insists that he’ll pick it up along the way, and he shouldn’t be afraid to apply himself.  A montage later, the two have made their product, and Walter notes how compliant Todd is, not needing to discuss money until after he gets the process right.

Across town, Daniel brings more sweets to the bank clerk, though this time she seems visibly nervous.  She leads Daniel into the vault and he begins the cash drop-off, only to be interrupted by the DEA.  Awkward!  Later that night, Walter microwaves his dinner and sits down with Skyler, though she quickly leaves the table once he attempts to discuss his work with Todd.

The next day, Walter pulls his old crying ploy with Hank, this time removing the bugs he’d planted earlier.  While he’s there however, he overhears Gomie telling Hank that the lawyer is willing to flip on Ehrmantraut, and takes note of the bank security footage they’ve been checking!

Across town, mike watches little Kaylee swing, before Daniel calls claiming something wrong with the money, and that he needs to meet up.  Mike confirms that he’s at the park, before Walter next calls him as well, explaining that the DEA is on the way to get him.  Mike watches as the police slowly sidle up, not having spotted him just yet.  Mike hides behind a tree, unsure of his next move.

Over at Saul’s, the lawyer babble on in front of Walt and Jesse that Mike never should have used that lawyer, before Mike calls asking one of them to retrieve the go-bag he left at the airport.  With Saul being watched, and Mike refusing Jesse, Walt offers to go get the bag himself.  Once there, Walt retrieves the key and opens the trunk, cautiously eying the gun Mike has stashed in the bag.

Out by a riverbank, Mike skips stones as he hears Walter pull up.  Before relinquishing the bag, Walt demands the names of Mike’s 9 guys in prison, though Mike refuses, pointing out how their system with Fringe was flawless until Walter and his ego ruined everything.  Mike grabs the bag from Walter, leaving him to storm off, before angrily marching back in Mike’s direction.  Mike notices that the gun is missing from the bag, but too late as Walter shoots him through the window.  Mike manages to drive off before Walter can finish the job, but soon crashes into a nearby rock.

Walter scurries to the car, only to find Mike already gone.  He tracks Mike down the the riverbank, sitting calmly and uncaringly as Walter removes his gun.  Just then, Walter realizes that he could have gotten the names of the 9 men from Lydia, apologizing for what he’s done but Mike cuts him off, asking to be left to die in peace.  Moments later, Mike leave the beautiful, serene scene behind and slumps over.

Pour one out for Mike, y'all.  Much as we loved him, we knew deep down he'd likely have to go eventually.  It's depressing to think that we only have one more episode coming up this year, given that a whole can of worms seems to have been opened now that Mike's lawyer has flipped.  For the most part, it feels like 'Breaking Bad's most recent episodes have been a bit by-the-numbers, so we're hoping next week's mid-season finale really blows our faces off.

Did you get your fix of ‘Breaking Bad’ bad-assery?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Breaking Bad’ episode recap of “Gliding Over All” on AMC!