Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its fifth of the final eight episodes, “To'hajiilee,” as Jesse and Hank put into motion their plan against Walter, before Walter's own deal with Todd's Neo-Nazi uncle quickly sends things spiraling out of control.

Last week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ episode, “Rabid Dog,” saw Walter move his family for safety, while Jesse found himself dissuaded from burning down the house by Hank, and the two set a new plan in motion, so how does “To'hajiilee” keep the final eight episodes running? Now that everyone but Walter Jr. knows the truth, how will it all end for ‘Breaking Bad?’

Read on for your in-depth recap and review of everything you need to know about ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 episode 13, “To'hajiilee!”

Lydia oversees Todd making a new batch of meth under his uncle’s supervision, though the color turns out more grey than blue, even with Todd’s 76% purity. A short while later, Todd brings Lydia a tea and asks if it would help to have his Uncle smooth things over with the overseas buyers, though Lydia declines, and leaves for a flight. Todd dejectedly eyes the lipstick on her mug, before Walt calls looking to place a hit on Jesse.

Hank and Gomie reconvene to hear Jesse’s plan, that of attacking Walt with the only evidence he’d never destroy: his money. In order to find someone who knows its location however, Hank and Gomie have Huell picked up and brought to a safehouse, while they stage a photo of a murdered Jesse with butchered cow brains on the kitchen floor.

Hank and Gomie sit down with Huell inside the safehouse, claiming that Walt put a hit on all of Saul’s associates, Huell so far the only one they’ve managed to protect. Though Huell seems confused by the turn of events, the bodyguard admits to renting the van Walt used to hide his money, which came back dirty. Elsewhere, Walt meets with Jesse’s uncle about the hit on Jesse, asking it to be quick and painless, though Uncle Jack insists he’ll only take the job if Walt shows Todd how to cook properly. Walt reluctantly agrees, offering up that he knows how best to flush Jesse out.

Walt drops by Brock and Andrea’s house in the morning, feigning worry for Jesse and claiming him to be on drugs again. Andrea agrees to call Jesse, leaving a message that Walt dropped by the house, after which Walt leaves and signals to Jack’s men to keep an eye out for Jesse. Hank receives Andrea’s message, quickly surmising it to be a ploy, before heading inside the house with Jesse and Gomie. None of the rented vans have GPS to find where Walt stashed the money, but Hank reasons that Walter wouldn’t have known that.

Skyler shows Walter Jr. the ropes of the car wash register, before Saul Goodman arrives for a car wash. Jr. remains starstruck by the celebrity lawyer, before Walt confronts the man outside about his appearance. Saul explains his worry that Huell has gone missing, but Walt assures Saul that Jesse only wants him. Back inside, Walt receives a picture message on his phone of a dug up barrel, before Jesse calls to taunt that he intends to burn Walt’s fortune.

Walt speeds off to save his money, remaining on the phone with Jesse as he angrily insists the money belongs to his family, and everything he had done was to protect Jesse. After a lengthy drive, Walt speeds to the site of his money, only to find it undisturbed. Walt quickly realizes the deception, cursing himself for his stupidity, before noticing a car in the distance. Walt hides behind a rock and calls uncle Jack and his men to inform them of Jesse’s arrival, but soon realizes that Hank and Gomie are with him. Walt calls off the hit, and sulks behind his rock while Hank calls out for his brother in law.

Walt surrenders himself, tossing out his gun and following all of Hank’s instructions before being slapped with a pair of handcuffs. Hank reads Walt his rights, though Walt only responds by calling Jesse a coward, for which Jesse spits in his face and the two come to blows. Hank places Walter in his car before calling Marie to reveal they’ve finally caught him, and the nightmare will soon end. Moments later however, Walt see’s Jack’s convoy arriving to the coordinates, for which Walt tries to warn his brother in law.

Hank and Gomie keep their guns drawn for the new arrival, while Walter screams to Jack to call off the hit. Even after Hank and Gomie identify themselves as police officers, Jack and his crew all begin to open fire in a massive shootout. Walter ducks within the car, as Jesse does the same nearby, and both Hank and Gomie hide from the hail of bullets.

Well, that's a hell of a place to leave us! And it seems we weren't wrong to supposed that last week's slower, piece-moving episode would set us up for a more explosive final run! Naturally, we had an inkling from the episode's title that Walt's buried money would likely have something to do with the plot, but who could have surmised that things would go so terribly terribly wrong, even after the famous Walter White had finally been arrested?

Of course, irony of ironies, we're at loss to even find words to discuss that cliffhanger of an ending, or much of anything about the episode itself beyond our pure adoration. Everything about the final twenty minutes, from Walt's manic drive to stop Jesse from burning his fortune, from his ultimate surrender to Hank, and the abject horror of Uncle Jack and his Neo-Nazi brood arriving to complicate matters had us on the edge of our seats, masterfully directed and staged.

The cliffhanger itself seems like an odd choice perhaps, as we'd imagine it difficult for either Hank, Gomez or Jesse to escape the situation alive, and any ultimate resolution would have likely better been served tonight, rather than a week from now. Given the ground still left to cover from now until a bearded Walter's ominous return, a cliffhanger for such important character fates seems an awfully cruel revelation to hold over our heads in favor of more narrative real estate.

Well, what say you? Did you get your fix of ‘Breaking Bad’ bad-assery?  What did you think about tonight’s episode “To'hajiilee”? Stay tuned for more from the cast and creators and join us next week for another all-new ‘Breaking Bad’ episode recap of “Ozymandias” on AMC!

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