If you caught last night's 'Breaking Bad' season 5 episode "Dead Freight," you'd know that headline is no joke.  'Breaking Bad' keeps rolling along toward its inevitable end, as things become more and more ominous for our lead characters, but surely the children must be safe, right?  The latest clip from next week's "Buyout" certainly tells a different story, so won't somebody please think of the children?

Power continues to shift, children get shuffled from house to house, and for once we're not talking about 'Game of Thrones.'  After last night's tense 'Breaking Bad' train heist "Dead Freight," we're convinced that no child is safe from the hell Walter White's fledgling criminal empire has wrought, perhaps not even his own!  Skyler for one seems to continually go off the rails (we can make these puns all day), taking increasing steps to keep her children away from her husband, or keeper rather.

But would she go as far as to tell her own loose-lipped sister the truth about Walter's business?  Would she take the ultimate leap in explaining to Marie why the children aren't safe around Walter White?  The latest clip from Sunday's all-new episode "Buyout" certainly seems to suggest as much. In the first-look clip below, Skyler updates Marie on her progress in therapy, thanking her for taking care of the kids in this stressful time, but how far will she go to keep them safe?

Take a look at the first clip from 'Breaking Bad' season 5 episode "Buyout" below, and give us your theories on what she'll say in the comments!