'Mad Men' season 5 has fallen.  It was a a full 13 episodes that left us hanging with questions about where SDCP would go from here, or if Don Draper could ever truly be happy in light of all the suffering he's caused.  Now, with 'Mad Men' season 5 out of the way, AMC fans have but one more thing to look forward to (unless you're one of the four people who actually watch 'The Killing'): the return of Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' season 5!  Judging by the latest promo however, we wouldn't rush him.  He's a little control happy.

With his biggest enemy Gus Fring vanquished in a chemical explosion, Walter White is ready to take over the Albuquerque meth trade, and the law certainly isn't going to stand in his way.  Judging by the first promo for 'Breaking Bad' season 5, the man who knocks isn't going to let anyone stop him, especially not Saul Goodman.  And for the record, don't ever threaten to quit on a man who just blew up part of a hospital.

Last night so the first of what should hope to be many promos for 'Breaking Bad's fifth, and final season, set to debut on AMC July 15.  In this very brief look, Saul tries to get out of business with Walter before Mr. White reminds him who's in control, in his typically menacing demeanor.

AMC will air the first half of the season in eight all-new installments, while the final stretch of episodes will air sometime in 2013.  Elsewhere, not much is known about ‘Breaking Bad’s final season, other than that ‘Battleship‘ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ star Jesse Plemons will take a role as “Todd, a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy [who] may not be what he appears to be.”

Check out the first promo below, and tell us what you hope AMC cooks up for the final season of 'Breaking Bad' in the comments!