After last night's admittedly less-than-explosive, but nonetheless revelatory 'Breaking Bad' mid-season finale "Gliding Over All,"  we're all in a pretty pickle having to wait until 2013 to find out what happens to Walter White.  Still, last night's climactic events proved plenty thrilling, and left us burning with desire for more.  So without giving too many details away, just how did the 'Breaking Bad' crew pull off the big prison scene?

'The Walking Dead' isn't the only AMC show spending time in prison these days, as last night's 'Breaking Bad' finale "Gliding Over All" wiped out (almost) all of Walter White's troubles, 'Godfather' style.  But without breaking the bank, how did 'Breaking Bad' manage to visit three different prisons, and pull off some impressive (and fiery) kills?

The latest videos from 'Breaking Bad' season 5 go behind the scenes of "Gliding Over All"s perhaps most climactic montage, as within only the span of a few minutes Walter White used his influence with Todd's uncle to pull off a coordinated strike of all of the late Mike Ehrmantraut's loose ends.  Director Michelle MacLaren takes us behind the scenes to see that all attacks actually took place inside of a singular abandoned prison, but how did they pull off the effect?

We'll miss you, Walter White.  Until 2013 sees the release of new 'Breaking Bad,' we'll just keep hitting refresh.