Even two weeks later, the 'Breaking Bad' finale continues to resonate with fans and build a legacy for creator Vince Gilligan as one of the more visionary TV creators of our time. Gilligan's work is far from over, however, as a lengthy new profile with the 'Breaking Bad' showrunner reveals the true secrets behind Walter White's final stand, and offers revealing new insight into the proposed 'Better Call Saul' prequel spinoff.

Engaging with The Hollywood Reporter, Gilligan was quick to shoot down one of the more popular theories to emerge from 'Breaking Bad' series finale "Felina," namely that most of what we saw actually took place in Walter White's mind, having dreamed his dying wishes after passing out in his New Hampshire car. Though the idea picked up quite a bit of steam on the internet, Gilligan emphatically refuted by saying "No ... because Walt would therefore have to be dreaming about things he would otherwise have no knowledge of," most notably Jesse's incarceration with the Neo-Nazis.

With the legacy of 'Breaking Bad' behind us, however, talk turns to that of the proposed prequel spinoff, 'Better Call Saul,' which AMC earlier greenlit to pilot in a move that drew mixed reactions from the fanbase. Gilligan offered that he couldn't refuse a chance to "get the band back together" in New Mexico, though he understands the delicate balance required to do right by the character and franchise at large. Where 'Breaking Bad' unfolded as a chemical mixture of 75 percent drama and 25 percent comedy, 'Better Call Saul' would be the inverse, and likely utilize a lighter tone to show off sides of Saul not seen in the character's later days. "[Peter Gould and I've] had to find the ongoing itch that Saul needs to scratch, so to speak, or else we wouldn't have much of a show."

Not only would Gilligan return to direct the pilot of the series, which could emerge on AMC as early as next August, but Gilligan also expressed his intent to maintain a presence in the writers' room through at least the first season. Gilligan isn't the only 'Breaking Bad' alum given consideration to return, however, as both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have expressed willingness to cameo as their younger selves; while Gilligan teased, "I could definitely see a version of this where Mike Ehrmantraut [Jonathan Banks] is an important part of this series."

It remains to be seen what 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' developments will emerge in the coming months, but in the meantime, what say you? Are you any more confident about a 'Better Call Saul' spinoff with Vince Gilligan in the writers room, and the potential for past star cameos? Do you still think "Felina" took place in Walter White's mind? Relive the ending below, and give us your thoughts on all things 'Breaking Bad' in the comments!